I recently purchased an entire shop of woodturning equipment and wood carving equipment and supplies.  I have sold nearly all of the larger items such as bandsaws, air compressor, drill press, large bench motor, etc.  Here are some other items I have for sale:

This is my old lathe from which I just upgraded and it served me very well for several years.  It's a good old Delta/Rockwell lathe made in the good old USA. The lathe is in front of a mirror, by the way.  The stand/base is original Delta, but this one is fitted with two pieces of e-pay (pau lope) wood --- a dense pricey relative of rosewood from South America. I’ve added locking casters to make it more versatile. The lathe comes with a banjo that was cracked. I used it for several years and I like it very much so I had it welded. It works fine. However, I bought a spare on eBay just in case. So here’s the total package: The lathe, the stand, the bed/track that allows for outboard turning (it slides to accommodate stock of various thicknesses and a maximum diameter of 21"), an extra banjo, three toolrests (12" 9" and 4") and most importantly a controller. Let me tell you about that. I bought this lathe from a friend about 15 years ago. The controller it had was made by Minarik Co. and served him and me well until about a month ago when it “died.” I bought a new replacement from Minarik and it is part of the package. It is not installed since I do not know whether my buyer wants it or not. But the beefy motor is a 1.5 HP Baldor DC type that will go forward and reverse with the Minarik controller. You might have an A/C motor that you would prefer to use but you would not then have variable speed or reverse. You would have to change belt position manually and often. A pain! Anyway, the total package is $850. Knock off $150 if you don’t want the Minarik (OK with me since I can return it and get back most of the $202 I paid for it including shipping). If you don’t want the extra banjo I’ll sell it on eBay and save you another $50.  The lathe is in Key Largo but I leave from there to Stuart on Saturday and I'll deliver it anywhere in between as long as there are a couple of you to unload it.  I'm 73 and have Parkinson's.  Call Dick at 305-393-0993

This of course is a dust removal system.  Physically it is in the Keys as well.  It runs on 115v AC, and seems to be made for Woodcraft by Woodtek. In communicating with Woodcraft apparently it's 2 horsepower.  It is a 30-amp motor and it is very powerful and heavy.  There are four collection ports with baffles.  There are lots of PVC pipe sections with elbows and joints.  There are at least 4 pieces of flexible tubing.  There are a few SS hose clamps as well.  Not pictured are the collection bags.  The installation was an outside one, and the upright that supports the bags has become detached.  Should be easy toi remedy with a flagpole base --- the look-alike sold in plumbing supply stores.  The system is in Key Largo but I can deliver either this system or the lathe above anywhere between Key Largo and Stuart on Saturday.  This motor and collection bags are made to be outside.  I'm asking $500 for all.  Call Dick at 305-393-0993

This is simply a stand for a piece of equipment.  It has holes in the feet for casters or to bolt it to the floor.

I know that this sounds like a come-on but I'm not yet sure I want to sell this.  I have a dinky version of this fine piece of equipment.  It's at a friend's in Boca so I can't even tell you the brand yet. 

I have lots of extra turning tools and will upload pictures once I've determined what I want to keep.  I have lots of carving supplies, blanks, and equipment in case anyone is interested.